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Vehicle tracers and reticules

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The old tracer effect bouncing off the ground doesn't work for all vehicles. It does for the M1 coax, but not the mounted M113 or Hummvee .50 cal, nor the CV9035 coax, so there may be others I haven't tried.

Also, the reticule for at least some of the vehicles looks like there is an unintentional graphics anomaly. Parts of the reticule looks washed out or faded, this happens in both the day channel for the GPS and the GAS for the M1 and CV 9035 so far that I've seen. The thermal sights look fine.

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Tracer ricochet depends on the hardness of the ground and the angle of impact, and the caliber of the weapon might figure into it as well. In other words, they may not always ricochet. However, if you can provide a test scenario with two vehicles which shows one firing at the same area of ground and rounds ricochet while the other vehicles rounds do not, then it would be helpful.

Never seen or heard of that problem with the reticle. It might be a driver issue as you say, but more likely that it is some setting in Catalyst. Check and turn off any Adaptive Anti Aliasing feature (AAA), and the Catalyst AI feature if you are using it and or try running it in full screen mode and see if that helps (if you aren't running it in that mode already).

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Actually I think the leo reticle thing depends on the width of the window. The reticle is drawn by vector lines, it is generated in the game at run time. Different sized screens can cause the reticle to distort, depending on the aspect ratio of the screen I guess, or the size of the window. It has to work that way out of necessity.

Anyway, try different screen sizes or try to use full screen mode or windowed mode and see if that helps.

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