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Operation Variable 2


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Well, almost a year has passed since the first OP V campaign ended, and I think I have almost fully recovered from that experience. :wink:

So, I got to thinking about setting up OP V2, the sequel, building upon the lessons learned from the first go.

My first thoughts would be to limit the campaign to around 5 missions total, so it doesn't drag on without end. Also, I thought that I'd make it more of an attack-defend campaign where one side needs to defend an objective, and the other needs to capture it. I'm looking at using a desert type map to see how things play out, instead of the usual woodland theme. Finally, which, if any, of the new vehicles we now have would you like to see added to the campaign? Should the equipment be subdivided into 2 sides so that only one side can choose certain vehicles types, or leave it open ended so that either side can choose any vehicle they want.

The campaign would likely be run on alternating TGIF's so there's some downtime between missions to prepare the next one.

Looking for some initial feedback or ideas on what direction this should take. I wouldn't expect this campaign to be run until the New Year, so there's plenty of time to toss some ideas around.

I will also be looking for 2 CO's, and 2 XO's per side for the campaign. If you're interested, keep it in mind so when I'm set to go, we'll have the people ready to make it happen. If you want to know a bit about what will be required of you, talk to Sean or Volcano as they were the first to step up in the last OP V campaign (and greatly appreciated too).

OP V Wiki (Thanks to Volcano): http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Operation_Variable

OP V original thread: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=12958&highlight=Variable

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Yay, OPV#2! The first one was much fun, I am all in for the second one.

If I have one suggestion, we should probably exclude maps that have a major river running perpendicular to the axis of advance, lest we risk stagnation again. Not that it wasn't fun last time, just mentioning it to cut down on possible boredom. ;)

If need be I could CO again, but I would rather that someone else give it a shot before I volunteer to do it. I also suggest that whoever wants to CO, they should appoint (within their side) company commanders to those that want to play. This is something we learned from playing it last time.

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Well, it might be better to just have it where non playable vehicle can be purchased at a cheaper amount, and then just leave it up to that side on whether to buy them or not. IMO I don't think Variable will be that much fun as a Head 2 Red, although it might be interesting to have some non playable vehicles in the mix.

Just my two cents...

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Progress continues slowly. I've decided on the battle ground that this campaign will be fought on. It will be on the NTC map.

There's an airfield roughly in the center of the map with a built-up area just to the west of it. This will be the main objective that the red side will have to defend, and the blue side will have to capture. The battle space will extend from this area, all the way north to the edge of the map. That provides about 35 km of ground, north to south. The scenarios will be fought on 20km x 20km segements of this area. Expect the map to be updated with a new theme and some new terrain/buildings/etc.

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