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Esims Tender Side?


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In another thread....it was stated that ESim doesn't listen to us when it comes to what we ask for.

But in your opinion...what have they given you over time that has shown they do care and listen.

I for one felt that if we couldn't get a fully playable M1A2...that we could at least get it non-crewable for the mean time.....and they delivered.

There is more, but what say you.

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Well something me & Ssnake have in common (and maybe others), is the wish to have HQ elements modelled in game.

Such as when a Cmd track is mobile, map updates are disabled/delayed, till the commanders setup shop again.

So, while not implemented yet, it is on the_List. (All Hail the_List!)

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How about the fact they've given us the best armoured warfare sim ever made available to the public, and supported it for over four years even though the profit it entailed is probably far outweighed by the extra work involved?

Or the fact that they have been consistantly open and honest with the community about what is and isn't possible/ feasable, which is a refreshing change compared to most other software companies?

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If eSim's profits are almost purely driven by their military training customers, it is a privilege for any of us to get access to this sim at all.

The people that made Jane's 688i/Sub Command/Dangerous Waters were in a very similar position and ultimately shut down their consumer grade gaming department to focus purely on the military market where they really made their money.

DCS Blackshark is the first in a flight sim series that produces consumer releases out of military training products. With future consumer releases coinciding with the aircraft chosen by military customers.

Operation Flashpoint/VBS and ArmA/VBS2 are parallel developments for consumers and military customers as well.

I see a trend. If this is what it takes to keep PC combat sims in business, I will gladly take what I can get. Overall, the sims based off of military training products are generally the most detailed/realistic.

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I can only say I have had many hours of enjoyment, even if I just use the range for relaxation. I have no complaints and I can only wish they keep going in a niche market.

In the broke tutorials, I thought was awesome, I last in a mission about as well in the tutorial ,lol. To me it was good practice at gunnery :)... I knew they were broke and did not worry about it, E-sim always takes care of their product.

It is one of the main reason I purchase all the updates and paid the price. The support is freaking awesome.


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(Holy ..., Koen, is SB Pro the only sim you ever play?) :eek2:

How's this for a tender side. I was given the 2.5 upgrade for free because I had recently purchased the previous payware. I didn't even have to ask for it. I emailed them to ask what they thought the price for the next one was going to be. Technically I got TWO upgrades for free, because I have a second license for my SO. No other firm would have done that. Abosolutely not.

I can't understand claims that eSim wouldn't listen to their customers when they choose features to add. I have a tricky router too (actually an ISP who doesn't let me configure the damned ADSL box and I have signed a 2-year service agreement). Sometimes I can't host because of that but in my view it's just not their fault. It's my ISP's bad. Strangely enough, hosting still works most of the time.

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this is going to be such a long post. i decided to put a lot of thought in trying to remember each and every item eSim has added at my request or at the combined banter of myself and others. i will work backward. mind you, i probably am not fully aware of everything added to the new patch. another thing to consider reading this is that i will go as far back as i can remember...







Weisel (though I still want one with a 20mm gun and both to be truely air-deployable. i guess that means we'll need the BMD-2 modified too, lol. :biggrin: )

ADA/Tunguska (which easily can be set-up to act like a Gephard)


Attack helicopters (remember when it was just the Huey?)

Mine clearing equipment at all levels (FASCAM was a complete deal-killer in some multiplayer missions; a team could effectively block another force without any recourse)


Expanded platoons, i.e. larger than 4 call-signs

Mixed platoons

Replacements for the Red Barn (aka the Red Barn of Eye-Candy Death)

Slowly but surely updating the models from the old SB1 days...

bumpiness, traction and all that good stuff

Night (we had mods for this, but of course the AI didn't recognize night)

Different Skies (we used to mod SB1's skies)

Fighting Positions

Additional ground textures and cover (again, we had mods for this...and now it's "canned" in the program and not user-dependent)

Ability to easily mod skins (the new folder set-up)

Adding greatly to the number of triggers, events and conditions available in the mission editor -- this opened a ton of doors for scenario design most players don't even know about.

Adding to the types of events/conditions possible over the years

Let's not forget that eSim tries to address each and every bug, or help each and every erroneous user...

i can't keep going or remember everything. i'm old now not like when i started playing SB1.

Now a different take...

-- my dongle crashed a few years back when there was a software problem with them (Code Meter's issue, actually). if you left the dongle in the USB port at start up, there was a pretty good chance it would draw too much power and fry itself. that's what mine did, if i understand correct. eSim addressed the issue swiftly trouble-shooting the issue then carrying out a flank attack with delivery of a new dongle at no cost to me. i might have returned the dead dongle, but i can't recall. that might have cost me a couple dollars shipping -- who cares? both Ssnake and Al were directly involved and i was back up within days.

-- Ssnake personally responded to many, many questions i've presented regarding every aspect of this sim. He has bestowed his knowledge of military history, economics (lol), and a few jokes here and there. not to mention giving specific advice on how to accomplish mission editor functions, i.e. get the damn thing to do what i want it to.

-- Dejawolf has answered countless questions from me and many other people regarding skinning, locations of parts on the skins themselves, and graciously posted his templates for skinners to use for their own work.

-- Volcano Man and Sean help keep TGIF going if not represent the back-bone of this event. not to mention they and the other admins on the website keep us all regulated, the site orderly, updated and beautiful in addition to helping answer technical and end-user questions about SB/PE.

-- Al implements all of this (at least prior to the enslavement of his new minions [no offense new guys]). Al is the Wizard of Oz behind that curtain... he even gets directly involved with support issues. there is no finer tech support for a software product -- zero, bar none /0

-- If i left anyone out here, i am truly apologetic. other than this being the best damn tank sim ever created, you all are the reason i keep coming back. this is best community i've ever participated in.

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@ Hackworth,

Long post, but to the point ...

(Holy ..., Koen, is SB Pro the only sim you ever play?) :eek2:

Well, yes it is.

I tried to diversify:

* Submarines -> Silent Hunter 4: must be a fantastic sim, but I couldn't really understand it fully (why use sonar when etc ...), so when coupled to lack of time, I didn't go deeper into it

* Flightsims: don't have a joystick; earlier attempts at flying most of the time resulted in crashes ... so no joy.

And maybe tanksims are a bit more interesting by concept than flightsims: cfr. A Flight Simmer's Guide to Steel Beasts" http://www.simhq.com/_land2/land_062a.html

* Other land combat sims -> ArmA: my computer is not strong enough for this one.

But most of all:

SB always called me back because it offered enough, given its load of possibilities.

Why should I bother for something else, when I'm happy with what I have ? :-)

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