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Mission 7 briefing Sunday 3rd Oct 17.00 GMT (zulu)

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As this campaign seems to have come to an end for the time being, I believe the time has come to present the campaign ribbons for Operation Vigilant Guardian. Sgt Anzac and I tossed a few ideas around while the campaign was running. It was decided that we would use a common ribbon, but would award different levels of "devices" for the number of missions each player attended. So, be honest when displaing your ribbon. They've been pre-sized to match the other forum ribbons. :wink:

If this campaign resumes, we can revisit the award criteria so that some may be able to receive a new device.

Thanks to Sgt Anzac for running this campaign, to Zip for CO'ing, and to all the other players who participated.



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Just take a look through the threads for each mission, plus look at the video AAR's (credits) and you should be able to come up with a close number.

Alternatively, check your scenario downloads folder. That would probably be easier/more accurate now that I think about it.

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