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FV107 Scimitar question


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Does anyone here know what kind of night-vision capabilities the Scimitar has? I've been Googling for hours trying to find out, but no joy. I've established that it has passive IR and image intensification but not thermal imaging. However the question I'm trying to answer is which crew members these are available to and if they're even available at all if the tank if buttoned.

Sorry, unusual question, but I can't think of anywhere else that might know!

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OK. The CVR(T)s were initially built with Pilkington Optronics Raven Day/Night Sights. The day channel has x1 and x10 mag, the night channel (image intensifiers) are x1.6 and x5.8.

The thermal imager upgrade is a little more complicated.

A number of Scimitars had the Ravens replaced with SPIRE, by Thales. This saw service in Kosovo. It incorporates the Raytheon HIRE 1st Gen thermal imager, with an LRF and Thales FCS.

The BGTI upgrade is currently being applied to both Scimitars and Warriors. Group 1 is the Warrior ICV and Scimitar CVR(T). It is a multi-capability upgrade which incorporates much of the SPIRS system developed from SPIRE. The primary difference between SPIRS and SPIRE is that the HIRE is replaced by a Thales Catherine FC 2nd Gen thermal imager. The SPIRS is incorporated into STAG-FC (Surveillance, Targeting, Acquisition and Gunnery - Fire Control) system, x8 mag. This also includes a CCD camera, which the commander can pull up on his display, and a relaxed-viewing CRT for the gunner's TOGS.

That what you're looking for?


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