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Code Meter password


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In general there are two passwords for each CmStick, the "CmStick Password" and the "CmStick Master-Password".

CmStick Password

When you receive your new CmStick this password is CodeMeter. Please change this default password to an individual one using the CodeMeter Control Center.

This password is your personal password for a certain CmStick. You should ensure that only you know this password. The CodeMeter Runtime Server asks you to enter the CmStick Password amongst others at the following actions:

•Enabling / Disabling a CmSticks

•Creating a password for Steganos Safe

•First start of CM Password Manager

•Saving of changes in CM Password Manager

The CodeMeter Runtime Server keeps the CmStick Password in mind for a short time period. Therefore you don't need to enter it every time, but always if the time period has expired or the CmStick Password has not been entered before.

CmStick Master-Password

The CmStick Master-Password is an unchangable sequence of 11 groups each with 5 characters. The Master-Password enables you (or anyone else who knows it) to reset the CmStick Password. You can say it is the general key and therefore, if you have received it (see next paragraph), it should be stored carefully.

How to receive the CmStick Master-Password?

Please register your CmStick on my.codemeter.com and request the Master-Password for your CmStick (specify the serial number) via e-mail to support@codemeter.com. You will receive the CmStick Master-Password after your data was checked via e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Please allow us some time, since the check is done manually.

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