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Want to sell, CH Stick and Throttle


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Hi guys

You can now become the proud owner of one of the best Joysticks and Throttles ever produced

The CH Fighterstick and the CH Pro Throttle, the reason I'm selling is I am planning on getting the Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG



I payed around 300 Euros for this when it was new, I have had it for about one year and it is in VERY good condition and i still have the original packaging.

It is handsdown the best stick and throttle i have ever owned.

160 Euros + shipping and it is yours, I can ship where ever you want, but outside EU is probably going to be very expensive.

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Yeah, got the same stuff. I have to say though, your waaay too ghey to have that Hotas Warthog.

It is pretty freak'n sweat looking isn't it. I had thought Logitech had just raised the bar with their G940 setup, and then this thing comes out. I think I'm still going to go with the G940 though, for Storm of war. Force feedback should be nice for the older aircraft.

The force sensor tech in the joystick of the hotas warthog is something that will take time to get used to, and I'm not sure I would like. Then again, the Force feedback of the G940 could be ghey. At least you get pedals with it.

That Warthog throttle quadrant is what I like so much with that setup. I wonder if the G940 stick, and the thrustmaster hog throttle would be the ultimate setup.....


That is a great price, I gave 150 a piece for mine a few years back. So that's like half price. Great chance for one of you noobs using Dong Hung joysticks to get a nice upgrade for cheap.

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