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Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!


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we have a team,




And Toyguy

And we will be riding in the STRV122

Got it, thanks. Do you have a team name? I would rather you came up with one, that way I can refer to the team as one name, rather than have to list all four names each time I refer to it. Right now, you are known as "4th Platoon" until you come up with something better...

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The Gophers request to switch to the Leo 2E instead of the STRV122

I will consider it.

Be it known (to all) that you pick a tank type ONCE, and that is what you have. I know the tournament hasn't started yet, so I might make an exception to allow changes until the cutoff date (4 NOV), but when you pick a tank type you need to be 110% confident that is the one you want and not practice with it for a week and then change your mind.

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Ok, sign ups are closed. We have four teams participating. Thanks to all those that signed up!

Tomorrow I will start making a tournament tree and the first match scenarios. I will be posting more information at that time and I will make the match scenarios available for teams to practice if they like. More information will follow, most likely in a new thread.

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Yes, they will are Blind. Naturally this is so the players cannot rely on the AI to do the work for them; the participants have to do everything on their tank themselves.

Good thing I learned how to reload that assault rifle behind the the TC chair. Now I'm ready for Hackworth!!

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spelling mistake
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heh, if you're using the CV90 in a tank fight, you've already lost. :biggrin:

I was refering to the weapon in the strv122 that is located 180 deg. from the TIM in the TC station. When I put steel on your ass you may call me a cv90 if you wish.

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