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Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

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Good luck fellas(ENY.),be easy on me first MP game since SBPPe first came out AFAICR.

To my teammates!We have never talked on TS or even met over on TS....lol,but lets kick some A**!!!.


(WILL HOPEFULLY WIN ONE MATCH):shocked::drink::gun:

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Whoops, I posted a reply thinking you said "offline" instead of "online" and was just reminding about the two play (with less than four people) then disqualified rule. But that does not apply. I need to work on my reading comprehension I guess!

Anyway, Four Horsemen will be available if The Gophers are, after TGIF to play tonight as well. TGIF tonight will try to be punctual with a brief planning phase to make it easier for everyone to play afterward.

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Just a note:

Not that it matters, since both teams can coordinate a meeting time of their own choosing, but it was suggested that I expand the "official" times so as to help people coordinate better. The times and dates are in the other thread. I will try to be available for most of those times (on TS) if anyone has questions.

Don't forget too that you can play up to two times without all four of your team mates; it is best if teams try not to use that up immediately and save it for emergencies.

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Ok, a good idea was passed on to me today. I have taken the idea to heart and I have now made one small adjustment to the rules to make it more forgiving for teams to coordinate a match if they are having trouble getting everyone to show up:


...basically, it used to be such that a team could play only two matches without their full compliment of players and then the team was disqualified. That is no longer the case. Now, a team can play any number of matches without their full compliment of players, however, there is a penalty applied to all User/Gunner Scores for the members of that team in that match. This penalty depends on how many people are present, with less people present equating to higher penalties.

The reason for this is that it prevents cases where only a couple of members show up consistently, and they end up having extremely high gunnery scores because they are the ones getting all the kills each week. Of course this is only for the determination of "Top Gun" award/high score, and has nothing to do with the Mission Score for "Top Tank Platoon" determination (ie. it does not affect the overall outcome of the tournament).

So, hopefully that should help teams out a bit since there is indeed a real penalty for playing with less than full compliment, but there are no longer disqualifications for it. Yay.

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I made a slight change to the match-played-with-less-than-a-full-team penalty, to where said penalty on Gunnery Scores of those playing a match with one person absent is a little more forgiving, and the overall penalty values are now more logical. This will be the values I stick with for the duration, (better for me to tweak them one last time here to "get them right" before anyone actually suffers from them).

http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Top_Tank_Platoon#Starting_a_Match_with_Less_a_Full_Team (see the table)

Speaking of which, here's to hoping that we don't get any forfeit losses in the first week. Hopefully we can start this off right. If, for any reason, there is a member of a team that cannot make it to evening games (North America time) on a regular basis, and can NEVER make it to TGIF, then if I were the team leader, I would seriously consider replacing that person. The rules state that although scheduling is flexible, if someone has a schedule that makes it hard for them to participate during *official times* on a regular basis then they should not partake in the tournament. If your eyes are burning, please don't be "that guy" that ruins the fun for everyone.

So, if someone does need to get replaced, better to do it in the first week than wait until it drags the entire tournament down. Just post here if anyone needs a replacement and I am sure someone will take up the offer. ;)

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We lost shiftZ, he can not longer play he says, So we are looking for a replacement.

If you want to join the tournament and can play in the evenings let me know please.

Our first game is now scheduled for 8pm mountain time Tuesday, good chance to get in on the action guys.

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Well, that is a shame. He can no longer play? He didn't even make it past the first week -- LOL, it is mind boggling why he would agree to participate in the place. Simply amazing.

Oh well, once I get another name from you then I will replace ShiftZ on the team list. Until then, his name will be there as part of the team until a permanent replacement is made known.

Personally, I would recommend that you go with what you have (even if it is just you) on Tuesday. It would be better than a forfeit loss, because you at least have some chance of winning if you play it out. At this point, Sudden Death will get a bye week and The Lost Platoon that would get a forfeit loss if it does not get played out at all. :(

Playing it out would also give you more time to keep looking for another player if no one takes up the offer by Tuesday, that would leave plenty of time before the weekend and the start of the next round.

Anyone interesting in joining The Lost Platoon - please speak up! :)

Our first game is not scheduled for 8pm mountain time Tuesday, good chance to get in on the action


BTW, did you mean to say that "Our first game is NOW scheduled for..."? Edited by Volcano
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Yes, thanks for all those who participated! Looking at the AAR, it looked very close. Had the scenario gone on for a couple more minutes (+5% variable time limit), then anything could of happened in the center, and if Blue took out that Red tank there then it would have gone the other way. Very close!

All the stats have been updated on the wiki page (see the other thread for links). It looks like there were some pretty good gunnery scores in that match! Unfortunately The Lost Platoon's gunnery scores had to be reduced by 25% (*.75) because of only having three users that participated.

Hopefully the Lost Platoon can do some recruiting at TGIF this Friday.

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1inch? That's the difference between hitting a turret ring, and a turret face. Anything can happen. I think before its over we will all be glad its triple elimination.

But I agree with Brun, outstanding job Fidel and Toyguy! Hope you can pick up 1 or 2 guys before the next match.

Big time match ups coming in week 2. I'm looking forward to our match, and seeing how the other match turns out as well. The Gophers and Sudden death will both be out for revenge. It should be quite violent indeed.

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I need to reconfigure my router so i dont get booted.Is there a way to do this?

Well depending on the router you can often access its setting by opening a web page for its TCP/IP address.

So if your network settings give you the router's address as (say), you can open a web browser and type in "" and you make well see a "welcome to Netgear / Cisco / whoever" screen.

Then its a question of looking at things like "port forwarding", "timeout settings", etc.

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