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Questions about tankers head gear.

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Hi guys!

Just want to ask some questions about tankers.

I`ve seen some pictures that tankers especially the German wearing the beret in their tanks with headset, but no helmet. As you know, U.S. tankers have their helmet and also Russian has unique one.

And we(ROK army) have the beret too, but we dont wearing the beret in case of mounting the vehicles and just wear the U.S. style helmet when we in the tanks.

So, here is a thing. are they just wearing the beret all the time? If so, is there any chances of head injuries? I saw so many stars when my bare head hit the STEEL:biggrin:

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Normaly the German Version is similar to the Russian...a bolstered cap (Sprechhaube) with integrated headset.

However...them tanker are pretty pround of the black barret (pfft, when you remeber that GREEN is the most prized color ;-) )

Therefor they deliberartly manipulate the headset out of the cap an wear it with the barret.

This is considered to look better :-P

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It´s a traditional and practical Thing.

In my times, my Driver and Gunner wear this russian style helmet (after we got them end of 1988) my Loader wear nothing instead of a KE Round ;-) and I wear a rebuild headset with my black Barret.

Here is a little reading (sorry it´s only in German)


So the Fact is, the only official German Battle dress with a Barret is that one with the black Barret for the German Panzertruppe.

All other have to wear their Fieldcaps.

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Ha...Trull, das alte Chrombarett :-D...kenn ich noch als Kdr 14.Div

Jetzt auch schon in Pension...

Fieldcaps...yes, but only in "rest" phases. Cevlar is the choice of the day. Those old threadheads like to wear the barett ALL the time.

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Thanks all the comments and pictures, guys and especially the web site although I cant read. :)

So the conclusion is there were some protective cap, but they prefer the beret and wear it only? right?

hmm, Its interesting, when my head was beated something in the tank, I couldnt bear it,

But you German guys can just handle it with beret... what a strong! :)

You must hide something strong in the beret, right? lol just kidding.

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Yep, I think it´s the german Way...

When I was a the german Tank Shool for NCO first Time in 1985, they told us to keep the Hatch open all the time. Just close them in direct arty fire or when passing a Village.

We are watching the Firefights of our Wingman unbuttoned and correct them.

I don´t know what they say now with the 2A6, but I think nothing change instead of the "Hunter Killer" with the PERI .

I visit a lot of other country´s tankers, UK, Denmark, US and so on, they all use Helmets. I never ever get one that fits my Ironhead ;-)

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for the American CVC helmet, we can either wear just the padded insert in case you bonk your head, but to protect your hearing and allow you to talk to th crew. We also have 2 different shells for them. One is a lightweight fiberglass one just to give some slight impact protection, but nothing ballistic. We also have a heavier kevlar shell that is ballistic. I've never seen an American tanker with a beret on in a tank.

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To be honest, I've always thought the helment was mainly for protection of your head while on the move. Looking at the interior, there are plenty of sharp metal corners and protruding objects you could potentially bang your head against, particularly while moving over rough terrain. Plus, I can imagine the force of a direct hit during an engagement increases the chances of you banging your head on something. Wouldn't want to have say the gunner inadvertantly knocked unconscious in the heat of a battle. Of course, if the Germans have been riding around in berets all these years, what do I know. :confused:

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Well, I can tell you banging your head on a metal object fucking well hurts. :decu:

I bashed my head on the cab roof of my Train Loco at the weekend, while wearing a soft silly hat like you see skiers whizzing around in.

Okay the interaction was not with a tank hatch ring but outcome was the same.

(A few choice words muttered & lots of Stars suddenly appeared.)

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