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Steel Beasts Gold (Legacy) in Windows 7


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Hello, all.

I know this topic used to be up here, but I don't know if we devised a solution.

I'm trying to get Steel Beasts (original) to run in Windows 7. Every time I try to get it to run, I get hit with a warning saying that the file "d3drm.dll" is missing from the system. This is a Direct X error as far as I'm aware.

I tried installing Direct X 7, and 9, and even transferring the "d3drm.dll" file right into Steel Beasts and the C drive. Nothing seemed to fix the problem. Running the program in XP and administrator mode and on 256 colors failed as well.

Any suggestions?

-Windows 7 x64 bit

-stock video card (able to run Steel Beasts Pro PE)

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You confirmed that your graphics driver has a 640x480x256 color mode? If it does not you are already out of luck on windows 7 itself. Other than that, all you can try is the virtual pc like renegade suggested. But those suggestions were in the other thread.

A search turned up the thread that has gone missing. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=14813

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I hope I misunderstand this... DOes this game only play in the 640x480x256 resolution?? I'm looking to buy...

No relax - you have misunderstood, or at least mis read.

"Steel Beasts" is the what 10 - 12 yr old first generation of the software.

From it Steel Beasts Professional evolved and it happily runs on lots of resolutions.

In turn "Steel Beasts Professional" has two sub species:

Steel Beasts Pro - the Military grade full featured simulation.

Steel Beasts Pro PE (Personal Edition) - the "cut down" civilianised version that is what you are considering buying.

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  • 12 years later...

Maybe just for the history books... this is a very old post:

The game was ahead of its time and it took years to develop. And you can still play it today.

SB1 has enough meat on the bone for me.  Also thanks to the terrain and scene editors.

I run Steel Beasts Gold like this:

HW: Netbook Acer Aspire One 2GB Ram screen resolution 1024x600 (min. resol. 800x600)

OS: Windows 7x86 SP1 Starter

VM: VirtualPC 2007 SP1 from Microsoft

VHD: Windows98SE.vhd

Then on the virtual Windows 98 you have to install "DirectX9.0c.exe"

and to adjust the screen setting there to "16-Bit Color" und "640x480"

The Virtual PC runs first in a window but then you can change the screen with keys: [Alt Gr]+[Enter]

to a nice fullscreen (in my case streched to something like 1024x600).

Here a short video I made:



here on YouTube

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  • 2 weeks later...

Steel Beasts Gold Revival - here you can see the result:

A small summary of my single mission to save the "Vaterland".


The graphics are more than 20 years old (without a 3D card) and looking good.

They give you a good situation awareness.

The game still challenges you as a platoon commander or whatever you like to be.

I just have to acknowledge that - thanks to Alex and Nils.


Steel Beasts Gold - Simulated tank battle "Sisslerfeld" - Tactical Victory


The whole thing in German - with the original voice of Ssnake - just wonderful I would say.
cu - RS88 -


Steel Beasts Gold - Simulated tank battle "Sisslerfeld"

Single Scenario "Sisslerfeld" by - RS88 -

teel Beasts Gold - Simulated tank battle "Sisslerfeld" - high casualties


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honestly it does not move me. it is not to say that it did not have its time and place, but even back then the player base was pining for more content. we saw the potential in it as basis for improvement, we bothered esim for it, and we have it now- not just visually, but functionally.

if you like steel beasts gold, steel beasts pro personal edition is that and so much more. i cannot say what is driving relatively newer users to it more than the retro novelty of it, but i would think that over time, even they would eventually abandon the legacy iteration of steel beasts for the contemporary version







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Certain has the latest version of SB a lot more to give than the original one.


When SB1 came out the market it was almost to late. 
There was no Warsaw Pact anymore and the Gulf War was over. 
No longer an enemy that had to be beaten with armor. 
And the tank simulations had also passed its peak.

Everyone was waiting for M1TP3 that never came out.


The owners of "Steel Beasts" made the right decision to turn to professional simulation.
From which later again the PE version for the community was created.


The SB Gold CD (with all the scenarios created by the community at that time) 
was like saying goodbye to the ordinary player. And I am still an ordinary player.

Playing single scenarios just to relax and to use my brain for tactical situations.
It's like driving a classic car with no fancy things. 


The gameplay is the same (even the Hotkeys) but I do not have to take care of too much technical things. As I already said the grafics are just to give you an orientation for the situational awareness and I have to say I feel myself driving an armored vehicle. The "TIS" or the optics in the 80's weren't as good as today neither.


Why I still love to play it? Because it has all I need. The OPFOR in the 
simulation is smart enough to challenge and the scenario editor is powerful.
I don't need a campaign mode because I do it my self and even better.
That's why I was bored after a while playing M1TankPlatoon2, it was not challenging enough.


But of corse I´m maybe just a dinosaur which still has the original SB Gold CD.
I don't think there are many left. 


But a the end - I just answered the question of this very old support post:
"How to play SB1 Gold Legacy on Windows 7" 

- both obsolete and dead like dinosaurs... but don't children love dinos? 😉


cu - RS88 -




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2 hours ago, RS88 said:


Why I still love to play it? Because it has all I need.

<div><iframe width="640" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eEz9TU8GIA8" title="Steel Beasts Gold - Simulated tank battle &quot;Sisslerfeld&quot; - Tactical Victory" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe> </div>


do you mean that you have played both steel beasts gold and steel beasts pro and you prefer steal beasts gold? or does this mean you have never played steel beasts professional?

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Allow me one final comment as an occasional retro gamer:

Only thanks to the consistent and customer adapted development does this simulation software still exist. Probably also thanks to the ideal American-German partnership... the have already flown to the moon with it.

That´s why there was the Leopard 2A4 from the beginning in this simulation. I personally prefer the sound of a Diesel engine instead of a turbine 😉

To show the younger SB Pro players what it was like 20 years ago: these 8-bit colors are almost surreal but have their appeal.


It looks a lot better in motion on YouTube:

On YouTube: Steel Beasts Gold - Simulated tank battle "Sisslerfeld" - Snow and ice



cu - RS88 -



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13 hours ago, RS88 said:

To show the younger SB Pro players what it was like 20 years ago: these 8-bit colors are almost surreal but have their appeal.




but also using mods- which is not a purist representation. many of us did, which is what i meant previously about engine limitations back then. don't get me wrong, i thought it was a great piece of software, but i also wanted it to progress. i still cannot understand the obsession that some users still have, but again, that is the way it is

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10 hours ago, Captain_Colossus said:


... but again, that is the way it is

Yes exactly - to each his own - 👍 nothing must stand in the way of progress 



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