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Leopard 2A4 Cold War Pack v1.0

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Looks good, but are the nuts on the road wheels yellow/tan?

Those nuts on the roadwheels are actully bare steel. I don't think they are stainless but at least galvanized. They may be a little light green from constantly changing the colors of the wheels to match. Note the rim on the roadwheels itself is a little scuffed up. Man nothing turns me off more than a crappy looking road wheel.


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That will fit perfectly my Leo 1A3 BW in Olive.

I think the green must be more drab, see here:


Color matching is such a delicate matter, between photos and PSP its just a wash. I do know that the gelb- Olive was reported to get lighter over time and that scratches actually appeared darker. I tend to go with the darker newer show room finish tones. This Leo 2A1 is a 3rd batch manufactured between Nov 1983 and Nov 1984. I usually play with 90-100% light.


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Jep, the light is the key I think and the color must be more gray or grayisch.

In 1983 / 84 this Cats are brand new and in 1984 they start to paint them in 3 tone Camo.

The paint was ABC resistant, thats why it becomes more flat by the Time and the worn Spots are darker, must be the same to US Tanks at that time.

Keep on the good work and if you need some more references drop me a line.

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