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SB Pre PE Beta - Cannot seek to attack enemy in buildings


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Just downloaded and playing with the latest Beta version. I have created some missions and I am enjoying playing them - especially with the Australian mods.

I am experiencing a problem. My tanks and AFVs are not attacking the AI enemy in buildings when playing in third person view. This is even when the enemy in the buildings are attacking the tanks and AFV and causing major damage. The only weapon that seems to be doing some limited good is the Tiger helio. My dismounted infantry are destoryed by the enemy in the buildings before they can assault the buildings - hence this is not an answer.

In summary, how do I attack enemy in the buildings? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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We wrote this up in the release notes, under "known issues". http://www.steelbeasts.com/updates/SBProPE_Release_Notes.pdf

Theres no work around, other than shooting up the buildings yourself. One other thing to try would be to drop HE artillery on the buildings. That will set them on fire, and the nmy troops will evacuate the buildings within 10 minutes or so. Then the AI will engage them.

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