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Internet Connections And Port#'s


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Having been frustrated for a number of months now and after trying every conceivable configuration on my wireless router to be able to play online at distance as opposed to a LAN; I figured out the problem.

The port number of 2300 that is listed on the multiplayer screen doesn’t work; at least it doesn’t work for me. For whatever reason the number of 4000 works.

My buddy and I are now able to play over the internet, hoorah:biggrin::sonic:

Of course I have to be in the DMZ zone and I can’t host but I can join and I’m very happy. I’m guessing any port # over the 2300 level works and if that’s the case then there must be a premium port setting.

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Holy crap I was freaking out when I first started playing.

My solution was:

1) Take down my firewall. No matter what!

2) Remove the 2300 from the port block in-game.

Any time I tried to join a game with the '2300' in the port it kill my internet connection. I'd have to restart my modem and router to clear it up. Huge PITA.

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