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73 Easting anyone have a Long and Lat for it?

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A friend of mine is trying to create a CM:SF scenario for "The Battle of 73 Easting".

Does anyone have a Long and Lat for it (apart from somewhere on the 73 Easting) or maybe a grid?

I think he wants to use Google Earth imagery as the basis of the map design.

If you know it, either post here, PM me or email.


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Did a quick look. Found two DARPA papers on the JANUS simulation of the battle. DARPA did a rather extensive survey of the ground. In my quick scan of the documents, couldn't find any lat-long data, but did see an indication that the area is in the 38R UTM grid zone if that helps convert the grids.

Other than that, the docs appear to have a wealth of information including the number of actual rounds expended and total number of vehicles, et cetera.



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Don't have a grid ref, but here's something.

First a link to a rough map:http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-vetscor/1325961/posts

Not great, but given the size of the forces involved it would be hard to pinpoint an exact location.

Second, from Wiki "The battle took place about 50 miles (80 km) east of, and several hours after the Battle of Al Busayyah." That town is visible on Google earth, so drop a line 80 km to the east and you'd have an approximate location. The imagery isn't the greatest either for that area.

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