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World of Tanks

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Hello, all.

I've recently been exposing myself to some smaller military-esque games, such as NavyField and World of Tanks.

Anyone ever play World of Tanks?

World of Tanks operates in some ways like an MMO, where you start out with a light tank and can customize it with new weapons, turrets, tracks, and guns while having your crew gain experience. The focus is primarily on pre, then, and post-World War II tanks from Russia, Germany, and America. I believe they're adding French Tanks, not sure about British.

You also have accessed to self-propelled artillery directly controlled by the player.

It's no Steel Beasts, but it seems to be an interesting game.


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Was on the beta for quite a while... no matter how hard i tried i just couldn't get into World of Tanks... to me, and IMO only, it's like Quake with tanks. lol

Alot of nice ideas and features, just didn't pan out the way I was hoping, again IMO.

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