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IFV/PC Tactics: range of weapons

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Elsewhere on the forum, Dejawolf made an interesting remark:

the BMP-1 has a 73mm gun with a range of 1300m, and an 8-man infantry squad.

BMP-2 has a 30mm gun with a 2500m range and 6-man squad.

So with a BMP-1 and BMP-2 you have to employ very different tactics, both using them, and engaging them.

I have to admit that I never paid much attention to the range of weapons of the IFV/PC in SB, so I ran a test to estimate this.

Below you find the results.

Indeed BMP-1 can fire HE only at a range of +/- 1200-1300 m.

But a bit surprsing is the 4 KM range for HE by both CV90, BMP-2 & BMD: correct ?

These data may be less useful for you in the closed W-European landscape ... more so in the desert.


* Blue: all current types of IFV

* Red: a wave of blind IFV assault Blue => Blue fires Main gun ammo 1 (AP or Missile - if available)

* Red: another wave of trucks "assault" Blue => Blue fires Main gun ammo 2 (HE - if available)

* The report gives the target distance when the assaulters are 1st hit,

so this is the actual distance that a gun can fire, minus the time (distance) needed to discover and acquire the oncoming target.




IFV Tactics - range of weapons.rar


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I have found and corrected some of the less realistic maximum engagement ranges for medium caliber munitions. While even medium caliber APDS remain somewhat potent at 3500m range when looking at the pure perforation limit, this doesn't take into account the shot dispersion which makes engagements at ranges above 2500m a matter of rare luck (and mostly one of futility).

Actually, the BMP-1's 1300m are illusory as well. I should probably reduce that to 900m, and even that is pushing it.

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