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7th April 2011 - Coop - OIF part 2


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Looks good.

One question though.

Why does the Leo 2 (at about 9 secs in) have Brit markings?

Perhaps this can leapfrog the ADF campaign?

Well it's supposed to simulate the Challenger 2 - which we cannot man unfortunately manualy yet in Pro PE.

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Good afternon Ladies and Gentelman, welcome to the briefing for the attack on Mosgul.

At the beginning here is again a small summary of what has happened until today.


We have only suffered few losses in the operation of Euphrates crossing. I would like to say,

believe not that the operation "Trip to Mosgul" will be a walk.

Why, now the enemy had the same time as you had to prepare and he konws that we are coming but he do not knows when.

Loud information from the intelligence, the enemy has managed to bring modern equipment to the front in the form of T-80, Hind-D to name a few.

Also we have been able to find out the information by taking into consideration by the enemy of fresh forces from the north to its position around MOSGUL to consolidate.

But as if that were not enough, we have heard that the insurgents have joined the enemy, for us this means quite simply ambushes, IED's and all that goes with it.

Talk to your guys, point out once more that they should keep their eyes open!

What about us, here for a summary of all.

We have 2 platoons M1A1 (HA) + plow blade, 2 platoons Leo2A5, 3 platoons M2A2, UAV, and the usual supply forces, fire support of artillery and airsupport from the airforce.

The leadership of the forces of this operation "trip to mosgul" is the TaskForce 2011 and her Co is Doc, with the support by SB-Generals her Co is Daskal.

We come to the terrain, you all know the terrain still the OP Euphrates crossing, the same terrain expected right now.

There are two sections that constitute a challenge. The first being DEATH VALLEY a huge open Area with no possibility of coverage, the only orientation aid you have is the ROUTE 66.

We assume that the enemy has more than one eye in this area, watch out for artillery fire, the best for you is to maintain movement all the time!

This section is managed by the city of Mosgul and its alreay expecting you. What we need is the Airport with the code name Alex. This should, if possible,remain functional, because we need him for the supply.

The bridges in the NW of the city with code name BOB, we need minimum one of them to continue the attack without delay to PL BLUE.

According to the latest information, we can not cross the (Mosgulriver) to the north because it is mined.

PL BLUE is the finish line for this attack, make sure that we have minimum one platoon Tanks there, or something with themselves efficiancy in this area.

Thank you for reading untill this point, the rest of information follow in next few days.

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Good afternon and welcome to second briefing in relation to OIF Part2 "Trip to Mosqul"

Today we will focus on the intelligence information by LUNA2, and on the separate known fixed objectives for the airforce.

We start with her approach route and the landmarks.




ROAD HOUSE,and Y-crossroads and LOC-TIGER ROUTE 66






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first enemy forces along the ROUTE66, 2000 south Mosgul

maybe T-72.


Shot of the AIRPORT of Mosgul there are no air defense forces may troops in the Tower + the outbuildings.


The bridges in the west of the city as you can see the bridges 2 and 5 are destroyed,

of the bridges 1, 3, 4, we can not yet say if they are prepared for demolition. We try to get at least 1 bridge layer!


Pictures of Mosgul individual thermal source are clearly visible.


One of the objectives for the Air Force is the "Tower of Mosgul, there are two additional targets, but we won't get deeper into those now.








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More images by hostile forces in and around Mosgul.


The enemy seems to have helicopters, we still try to get you anti-air support, but the chances of getting proper AA support for the attack seems small, so make your planning accordingly.


and finally a picture made by a dealer in the Mosgul.


That's it for today, thank you

Auf deutsch hier







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the game starts on thursday at 1900 GMT; 2100 german time.

TS is ours.


For US and Non-German users we will assemble on the "normal" US Teamspeak, and then move over to the Teamspeak server of TF 2011

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I have the images now: thanks! However, I am unable to play tomorrow because we have had a death in our family (but not my immediate family), and we will be quite busy for the next few days. I hope to join in to a future mission. Have a good game!

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Had an "interesting time".

Firstly my apologies from the fratricide incident. Obviouvsly we need better co-ord measures with dismounts in the town. But I was given clearance to engage dismounts in the same uniform in the same spot a couple of seconds earlier.

A few seconds later God (in the form of a T-80) got me back.

The "interesting bit" was the lag I experienced with the map updating a few minutes after the real world.

However despite having to be up and ready at 0500 for these I'll still try and make it for next time.

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