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hello guys i'm having dramas!!!!!

I just got SB PRO PER yesterday and what the drama is is that when i'm in the gunner seat everything is great ...however when i go to the TC station the world starts flickering. Can someone point me in the right direction.

my graphics card is a radeon X1650 512 so it should be ok.

I t runs fine in windowed mode stretched to the max.


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AFAIK there is is at assembly level an event called VBL which is the vertical blanking line which is time related. Every Nth of a second the VBL occours. What vsync does is force the progam to wait for the next VBL before redrawing its output to screen. The reason it may be nessecary in some machines is that they are either drawing too quickly or too slowly and the VBL occours when the screen is half drawn which can give a flickering effect. Forcing it to adhere to the VBL should nullify this.

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