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i am really suprised that this particular forum is one of the most unused forums on this page. so many users of this simulater spend time trying to figure out how the Esims team could make its (already great ) product better and puts little focus on how they could,themselves, make it better. i would think that would start here in the tactics forum

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I await your first contribution then.

A fair post though any any contribution I may make would be novice at best. I have only owned pro pe a couple months and am still learning ins and outs of the simulation. While i am veteran of sb1 , I believe you would agree ,the two simulations are very different . I am still trying to learn how to change mods on my windows 7 lol. if my previous post came off as if I were critical of other users I apologize and assure all that was not my intent. I have never seen a more helpful and accomidating community. I was merely suprised at how little the tactics forum is used. As my expierience level grows I will indeed contribute to this forum

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Part of the issue no doubt is that most tactics are a set of principles which provide guidance.

They help you determine your plan but are not proscriptive in application.

They are the “science” part if you like, you still need to add the “art” to apply them to a specific situation.

Many people expect to see “magic bullet“ stuff that they can always apply in exactly the same way (regardless of the ground, enemy, time of day, weather, etc.) and always achieve victory.

Short of “attacking” a position with a 15 Mt fission device, this wont happen.

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Re. the "science" (theory) versus "art" (practice):

This part of the Wiki elaborates a bit on that: "A Practical Guide to Quick Planning"


Discussions about tactics can sometimes also be found in AAR-discussions elsewhere on the forum.

These dicussions are a bit lacking to my humble opinion as well.

But then again, this is just a sim/game and playing it may be more important for most ppl, rather than discussing it - especially for us civvies, who not need to train "for real" with SB.



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Another formulation for the discussion:

Tactics is the employment of units in combat. It includes the ordered arrangement and maneuver of units in relation to each other, the terrain and the enemy to translate potential combat power into victorious battles and engagements.

U.S. Army Field Manual 3-90 TACTICS


It’s also said that tactics, like many other disciplines, sculpting for example, is both a science and an art. A sculptor combines his understanding of his materials and tools with his appreciation of the principles of aesthetics, such as symmetry and proportion, in order to create an object of expression. Similarly a tactician uses his knowledge of his own and the opposing forces, of the physical and temporal dimensions of the battle space, and then he applies general principles of war, such as mass and economy of force, to determine the best course of action to accomplish his mission.


So then, for our purposes here, the term ‘tactics’ refers to the discipline governing the decisions on how to best employ forces in the battle space in order to overcome opposition to accomplishing a mission. Tactics is a discipline governing decision making. It is goal oriented. Starting with the strengths and weaknesses of a given situation, the tactician applies general principles to determine which possible courses of action are best to achieve his goal. So, in order to achieve that goal, the tactician must take accurate stock of the situation, develop possible courses of action, and then applying the general principles determine which course is most likely to be successful. This process is recursive, in that the evaluation and decision making must continue as the situation changes and develops.


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