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1-1st Bn. 37th Armor Regiment RECRUITING

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"1st Battalion 37th Armor Regiment"

Our Motto:


"This page is dedicated to 1st Battalion 37th Armor" all player's

Welcome to our new online website. It is a development working process..

This virtual unit is intended to be a clan that improves its members' experience of playing Steel Beasts online. The focus is to develop immersion by adopting realistic tactics, communications, command, and control procedures. Creating scenarios that accurately reflect possible (past, present, and future) real world situations is also a focus of the clan.

Steel Beasts Virtual Units are members who have common interests in tank warfare and wish to practice these skills in their virtual units. Virtual unit members come from a wide background with some being current and ex military personnel along with PC gamers who are attracted to Steel Beasts tactical strategies.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a “Victorious Warrior” with the "1st Battalion 37th Armor Regiment" than we want you.”

”Candidates MUST BE 16 above & OLD Timers" of all levels to join.

We play to have fun so a skill does not matter. Your personality means more than your kill ratio.

We ask you to please "Follow a Few Simple Rules" that’s all we ask!

After reading the "Rules & Guidelines” understanding it. If you are still wants to join the 1stBn.37th Armor Regiment". Then go over to our website in the forum where it has recruiting section and apply.

Want to Join the "1st Battalion 37th Armor Regiment", and then go over to our forum recruiting section start a new thread (Post) there.

If you have any more question please contact the recruiting officers; MightyWarrior or Opihi01 either them in the forum. You can PM or through our TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak 3 Ip: 7481

Mighty Warrior


1st - 1stBn. 37th Armor Regiment

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Good Luck. A question though. If your going to cut and paste copy entire pages from this website and its forum posts, dont you think you should at least credit the authors or the source?


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Aloha you all, thank you for responding to my thread. Yes in deed Sabot_ready, we do love spam. :biggrin:

Sabot_ready, we are not ready for combat yet but I'll keep you all in mine thanks for the offering.

Mogwa, thanks and you are right!

GaryOwen well, this organization isn't from Hawaii. Take a look at this; http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/1-37ar.htm

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Aloha Vocano, that's a big roger on your information. Cool Sirs!.... :-)

Hey Vocano, question? Do you know where I can get a copy of the images pic for each companies i.e.,


HHC "Outlaws"

A Company "Axemen"

B Company "Bulldogs"

C Company "Cobras"

D Company "Dealers"



1st - 1stBn. 37th Armor Regiment


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Looks like you guys have 3 guys in your VU. If you guys want to get together for a few co-ops, let us know.While there are a few VUs around , a lot of us are mercenary also. It is always good to play with new blood and try new missions.

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Aloha Scowlmovement, to answer your question about the picture of the vehicle shows 1-1st Bn. 37th Armor Regiment... Yes it does show the 1st Armor Div. 1st Bn. 37th Armor Regiment bumper number of my organization.


Dennis "MightyWarrior" Balgas Sr.


1AD - 1 Bn., 37th Armor Regiment

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