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'Small Village' By Tarball

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Been playing this mucho times as part of my efforts to improve at the sim; beginning to get a real love for IFV recon.

Essentially, you've got to get a load of vehicles from one location to another. Surrounded by high ground, with an air threat, it's good fun and there are just the right number of REDFOR nasties to keep you honest without being too frustrating. You get a generous allowance of M2's (I've needed them, to be honest) and I usually scout well ahead with these and just leave the convoy at the start point until the route is clear.


I think the eastern route (taking the earliest crossing) seems pretty good. You have to go through a pair of T-72's to get to the others; they're virtually impossible to bypass because even if you hide from them they tend to hear you and come looking, and they are overwatching the bend in the river. The good news is, they tend to zoom straight up the hill , and if there is one thing your convoy has LOADS of, it's ATGM's. They usually get tow'd very rapidly if they're close.

One minor thing, the river is too wide in many parts for the layer to span; you need to be careful where you pick.

Anyone else tried it?

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Anyone else tried it?

I gave it a try - but quickly gave up: I was never a fan of convoy missions.

(Why dabble with humble logistics, when elsewhere in SB grand tactical decisions await me :))

Still, thx for pointing out the mission and giving your feedback: interesting.



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