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Tutorial Leopard 2A5 - Lesson E


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I am training right now on the tutorial E going to F soon, and I have notice that sometimes while I lase my target, that the gunner overide me and shoot my target, instead of me pulling the trigger. :( Is this normal, or maybe I am touching a button on my Warthog, making my gunner shooting for me, while I lase and palm switch the target.

So far so good training going well anyway, maybe it's a bug, well I'll be waiting for your feedback gents :)

Thank you!

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Generally speaking, hitting "H" will make all vehicles in your platoon (and your own gunner) hold their fire, so you can hit that at the start of this tutorial.

That being said, it may be that you are in fact releasing the control (if you press the (inverted) palm switch after overriding the gunner), e.g. while you actually attempt to use the laser on it (you can do so only in KW mode while using the EMES view in the TIM). If you then press the trigger, this is interpreted by SB as a command to the gunner to fire at his current target (since you are no longer overriding him).

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