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Beta: AI IFV's not loading infantry


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Not sure if I'm missing something here but I seem to have come across a consistant (and in an offline session, game-breaking) bug in the beta that I've not seen mentioned (apart from in passing) on the forums.

It seems that when under AI control, IFVs' associated infantry units will not board the vehicles prior to embarking on any type of movement order.

Once you issue an order on the map, the infantry don't move at all and the IFV's move off to their new position immediately. The associated infantry units then remain at their initial position. Needless to say that in any scenario where the player has control of multiple platoons, this quickly makes things impossible to play.

Thinking that it may perhaps be a version mismatch between older missions and the beta, I tried dropping some units on the map but even with a mission made with the beta, the problem remains. So far I've tested this with CV9040B's and C's and Marders. The problem remains consistant in all cases.

Whether it's related or not I don't know, but I've also noticed that whereas before each IFV had a single infantry squad associated with it, the infantry now appears to either be indicated as 2 half teams, or each IFV has for some reason now got two squads accosiated with it.

Any help, comments or advice?

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