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Splash: Sweden used the MT-55 as bridgelayer back in my days (2003-2004). It's called brobandvagn 971 in Swedish services. Apparently at the moment we have NO bridgelayers at all... :eek2:


Well clearly the MT-55 was redundant as soon as they found that all they needed to do was build a platform of bogged down CV's :cul:

Perhaps waiting for the next patch is the more prudent route to take before applying any further fixes?

once you get past the river it is still a very entertaining mission and messing around with it in editor actually inspired me to get back into playing with a few of my own :biggrin:

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Without looking at the scenario, I know the MT-55 bridge segment is shorter than the Biber. Could it be that the MT-55's bridge segment is slightly submerged and, as such, the vehicles are avoiding it, whereas the Biber bridge segment extends nicely to both sides?

The trouble with the MT-55 is that the river in SB has a minimum width (~18m) and the MT-55's bridge segment is just BARELY that long (18m). It can bridge a gap, but it usually has to be a gap of a diagonal river or a broken bridge segment, or one end of the bridge gets submerged if not laid exactly right. It would be nice if we had the MTU-72 with its huge 30m long bridge segment. ;)

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