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STRV 122

Assassin 7

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english STRV 122 model

Just to keep you posted: I am working on it...slowly. :) It's turning out to be a little more work than I anticipated. And I'm generally lazy. There are a lot of text panels in the STRV. I could just paste some English text over the Swedish, but I'd like it to look nice.

Here's a couple screenshots of my progress so far:



BTW, does anyone know what the abbreviations on the button below the map screen marked "PA TCCS AV" stand for? Also, does "Belysning MRS" mean "GPS Lighting"?

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TCCS is the datasystem that uses GPS to locate the units tanks, you can add enemy contacts and send to other tanks TCCS etc

MRS: (Mussle Reference Sensor) Seems they use the english word for it as its located at the gunners GPS.

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Good news! I finally got off my ass and finished the Strv 122 English interior! It's awaiting approval now.

I have to thank Alan323 for his English 2A5 interior. It was invaluable as a reference.

Sorry it took so long dta delta, but I got busy updating a mission I designed a while back and...well, you know how stuff goes, right? :biggrin:

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