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Saturday the 3rd September


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Things got a "Bit Sticky" for the support assets as well towards the end.

"Bit Sticky" = RUNAWAY! I mean, er fight a valient tactical retreat.


LOL ya I saw your m88 hauling ass westward when I realized I couldn't find my M113 you were repairing. Pretty funny.

Well I could have done with more info on the damage.

As it was that PC was out of it for the duration, so I could've towed it back to the rear and freed up the M88 rather than hang around repairing it.

In the Next Mission I'll tow hvy damaged stuff to a designated rear area in the "Deployment Zone". Light Damaged stuff to the LRP area for patching up.

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Short red side AAR, containing only the info that will not spoil stuff for the next mission (=what blue BN HQ managed to find out from all intel sources including radio intel ;)):

"Intel has recognized the enemy unit in the area - a motor rifle battalion, commanded by comrade Zipuli, major. Following report is gathered from intercepted transmissions and other intel sources (attachments are 2 map scetches drawn up by bn HQ).

Major Zipuli's Bn was ordered to attack along road 84 towards GATESVILLE. In front of him was "a recce screen" (unidentified unit???) of an armoured recon unit, which seemed to be divided into 2 axis of recon, north and south. North is from now on known as "Axis Silberwiese", and southern is "Axis Toyguy". These units were transmitting to Maj Zipulis Battalion along the way.

Zipuli's MRB (motor rifle battalion) was attacking as an advance guard, the order of march was according to gathered intel:

-platoon size combat recon element

-15 minutes behind a BMP company with tank platoon attached, SPAA platoon, ATGM platoon following

-5 minutes behind a mortar battery (9x SP-mortar)

-20 minutes behind battalion main body (rest of the tank coy, 2x BMP coy)

-15 minutes behind a combat support platoon and a rear guard BMP platoon...

From intercepted messages we know this battalion was attacking to destroy any opposition along the way and to take the road marked on the map. Their intent was to intercept the blue units in the area (reports indicate they had knowledge of a "capitalist mechanized force" moving into Gatesville from the west) and destroy them in a meeting-engagement.

At 0605 reports came in that recon unit codenamed "Locomotiv" had located blue M1s and M113s moving along two roads towards east. Both forces were less than a company in size.

Before Zipuli's Bn recce element arrived in the area, we intercepted reports of recon units in contact with enemy tanks on both recce axis (Silberwiese and Toyguy). Contact with axis Toyguy was quickly lost, last report was about enemy tanks on a high ridge south of road 84. Axis Silberwiese later reported contact with tanks.

The Battalion recce element arrived on scene at 0610 hrs. They moved along road 84 and secured a high point marked on the map as "OBJ Coy". They reported gunfire from front left and also black smoke. The platoon continued towards BN OBJ. They established contact with the blue tanks on the ridge and deployed for defence. Intercepted transmission reveals that at this point the Bn first marching company received orders to take and hold the area marked as Coy Obj.

The 1st company arrived 0625 and reached the objective. They reported contact with the tanks on the ridge. Order was received to support Bn attack from this location. SPAA platoon tried to suppress the tanks with 30mm autocannon fire. SP-ATGM platoon marched south to secure the Bn flank some 2km south of the company.

Once the mortar company arrived and was ready to fire, the M1 tanks on the ridge were targeted and constantly harassed with HE and SMOKE (to make lasing difficult), but no report on any effect on target was transmitted. From there on the combat recon platoon lost 3 BMPs to tank fire from the ridge.

Bn main body arrived 0650 and was tasked to attack using the northern corridor marked on the map to avoid the blue killzone south of road 84. With the attack came a pair of Hinds from the north and they engaged a M1 platoon with ATGMs, no reports on effect on target.

When the battalion main body bypassed the 1st company from the north, there were reports of contacts with infantry. The enemy thought this was a recon unit, and they did not deploy for an attack, but kept going. Simultaneously to the south, Bn CO received reports of increasing amount of tanks engaging units from the south. This information along with the intel of one tank platoon on the ridge and another along road 84 3km east of South Mountain resulted in following transmission:

"The capitalists are spread out! Continue the attack to objective, and engage the swines along road 84! Destroy them piecemeal, platoon at a time!"

At this moment the flank guard platoon established contact with the southern M1s and was soon destroyed. Units from the 1st company engaged the tanks in the south to pin them down and prevent them from reinforcing the platoon along road 84. The resulted battle against the counter-attacking platoon lead to loss of 3 tanks, the ATGM platoon and some BMPs, but the task was fulfilled.

Simultaneously the Bn main attack reached the objective on road 84 and pushed forwards to force a breach. They ran into a platoon of tanks (?) and some ATGM vehicles, quickly destroying them, suffering only few losses. At 0730 The Battalion commander was intercepted reporting to an unknown station, that "Objective secured, enemy unit is scattered! We have the initiative!"...

Who knows what happens next ;)

Intel indicates that following losses were suffered by the battalion:

-combat recon platoon lost it's BMPs.

-ATGM platoon was destroyed 100%

-SPAA platoon was destroyed 100%

-The attached tank company suffered ~50% casualties

-1st BMP company losses 20%

-2nd and 3rd BMP company intact

Sincerely yours, the REMFs at BN HQ"



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What the commie commander was especially pleased about was the fact that the enemy tanks were not used as a single force, but rather were spread wide, with what seemed to be like a static defence mission. This allowed him to attack on his own terms, making the capitalists react to his actions. At no point did the commies think that the enemy resistance was strong enough to even slow them down ;)

Info on mission 2 will follow later. That one should be played on saturday, like was the original plan!

PS. Red chopper losses were heavy, so propably there is a break in air activity...?

Edited by Zipuli
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