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Team, I am a complete newbie to Steel Beasts but an ex Australian Infantry and Intelligence Officer. My interest is particualrly in scenario development. I have tried to establish how to establish a timed artillery fire plan to support a deliberate attack as part of the scenario. i.e How to make sure that the rounds land on H hour and continue for a pre determined period to provide covering fire for an assault. I have looked through the forums without much success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

G2 41

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Welcome to the board.

The part way completed ADF campaign has some of these set up for Red.

Happy to share them with you if you want some examples. :)

“41” not 31-42 RQR?

If you are still “in” drop me a line at mark.gibson”at”defence.gov.au and I can talk you through it in “work“ time.

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That being said, the current (simplified) artillery model in SB Pro doesn't replicate real-life procedures well, so you have to hop through a few loops on occasion to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can't define the duration of a fire mission (yet), so you may need to plot several artillery strike objects on the same location with a time offset of maybe 1:30 minutes to create the impression of continuous fire.

The question also is whether you are creating a single player mission or a scenario for collective training. In the latter case, some of the planning work can be left to the students for the planning phase (in fact, the development of the artillery time table is probably best done before even starting the network session, so that in the planning phase the students just have to plot the fires according to their time table).

For a single player mission the question is what degree of fidelity is needed. Often a simplified approach is good enough to create the desired effect, e.g. to just illustrate the employment of artillery and, later in the mission, eventually let the player to perform a call for fire himself on targets as they appear on the scene.

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