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CodeMeter improvements


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In the light of the replacements of CodeMeter sticks we contacted Wibu's Director of Production and Quality Management. In summary, here are the key points that are of interest to you:

A firmware upgrade to version 1.10 will be made available in about one or two weeks. This will address the following issues:

  1. Blinking CodeMeter sticks: The root of the problem is an inconsistent memory block that controls the writing of licenses into stick memory. It is tied to the time server connection, it seems. Firmware 1.10 is supposed to fix that.
    Yay! 8)
  2. Power consumption: A CM stick without extra flash drive requires 50mA, most of it to power the bright LED. In the past cheap USB hubs could not maintain the USB specified minimum voltage of 4.4V, and even drop under 3.6V. Since Firmware 1.09 the stick's minimum voltage requirement has been lowered from 3.6V to 2.7V.
  3. CodeMeter sticks with 128 or 256 MByte flash drive are USB High Power Devices, requiring up to 125mA. USB Hubs without external power supply are not allowed to start these devices, but many still do - and fail occasionally. CM sticks with 1 or 2 GB flash drives are low power devices that can run reliably with these unpowered USB hubs as well.

The new CodeMeter firmware 1.10 has just been released.

eSim Games recommends an upgrade to the new firmware 1.10.

To do so,

  1. make sure that your computer is connected to the internet (if you can read this, chances are that that's the case ;)).
  2. Insert your CodeMeter stick
  3. Start the CodeMeter runtime software (the "C" icon will appear in the system tray)
  4. Right-click the CodeMeter Icon in the system tray and select the option view as window.
  5. Now start the Firmware Update utility by selecting the option Process | Update CM-Stick Firmware.
    The address of the WIBU-SYSTEMS Update Server is set as default, so you won't have to type in an IP address or anything.
  6. However, you'll be prompted for your CodeMeter's password ... which incidentally is CodeMeter by factory settings.
    If you changed your password, and forgot it, you deserve a little spanking from your mistress. Afterwards register your CodeMeter stick at the CodeMeter web site, then contact the Wibu support staff to generate you a master password to reset the existing password to the factory default.
  7. Select your CM-Stick in the dialog window, and execute the Firmware Update by clicking the Update button.
  8. Do not unplug the CM-Stick during the Field Update Process, this can cause serious harm to your CM-Stick!

Windows Vista users:

  1. Since March 2007 all Steel Beasts installation CDs get sent out with the new CodeMeter runtime version 3.20 which is intended for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista 32 bit versions.
  2. If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will need to uninstall the CodeMeter runtime software after the completed installation process (keep your SB Pro installation), and install the 64 bit version of the CodeMeter runtime. Download it from here.

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No, but it could be that the CodeMeter stick that you have will fail, so it would require replacement. That's going to cost both of us money for postage & handling, invokes the risk of loss during the shipment, and cause hassle to you and Al (like not being able to play while the stick is being replaced, and us having to send it to Wibu for a replacement, etc.)

Therefore we advise to apply the firmware upgrade. It'll make life so much easier.

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...but of course you can change the password anytime from the factory settings. Which may be useful if you are using other CodeMeter related software, like the secure Windows logon, the password management, or the Steganos disk encryption.

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