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Beta: Stab damaged twice, not repairing.


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Had this weird situation:

My Leo 2a5 got hit, damage: TC's TIS

One more hit, damage: Stab. Stab showed no repair time. This hit was by KE from a T-80.

One more hit, from a ATGM fired from a T-80, Damage: Stab again this time showing a repair time of 3 minutes.

Then another hit by KE from a T-80, damaging Turret, Turret drive, comm and more.

I waited the 3 minutes for the Stab to repair (from the 3rd hit), but after 3 minutes... it jumped right back to 3:00!

Shouldn't Stab always repair, except when there's damage to the fire control computer, anyway?

See attached pics (showing the recurring repair time).








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there is two stab damage:

-gyro alignment

-stab components

You might be hit, and gyro need to be realigned. After 3mn, the stab is working again

If the stab components are out, you can't actually repair them. (so even after the 3mn delay of the other stab fault, the count down restart)

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