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PzBtl 911 is planning a rebirth of The Long Night of Tanks.

This Project is still in a planning Phase, so no exact Date jet.

The Plan is do simulate a real Maneuver German Army Tankers do since 2001 at the NATO Training Area Bergen.

After having a detailed Map of the Area (thx to Warulf), it will be a H2H with a 3 h Timeframe.

In real it takes 72 h.....

RED (US, but I can switch it easily ;-) ) have to flexible defend with a balanced MechInfCo.

Blue have to attack with Tank heavy TkCo.

To make it as realistic as possible, I have some questions to the US Guys, first is:

What lookes a Co sized Battle Group like?

Is it like this ?


And what do you think, is it balanced enough?







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