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Are you sure? Or just trolling? I'm asking cause you have that "T-XX hater" on your signature, anyway, T-72 made me happy enough!

Well, I love the little Wiesel, so when I saw that the T-72 got the development attention to make it crewable instead of the Wiesel, I was rather upset. So much so that I lobbied the forum admin to change my sig. Of course, I could be making this all up. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, or maybe I'm just !*&king with you. Maybe not. Who knows? Confused yet?

I gotta ask this, is the AT-13 included in usable ATGMs?

Do you mean player crewable?

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It's a very crude initial implementation with SACLOS. Manual guidance ... I don't know if it even makese sense to attempt that without a really good model of flight dynamics and guidance control.

Ok, clear. Any chances to get player-controlled ATGW carriers like M901 in the future?

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