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jpg 60 are Chinese soldiers? ... mmm maybe mbt-2000 or type 90/96 are available??

As far as I know, Chinese soldiers have been in SB pro for some time ("CN" infantry nationality for troops). While it would be nice, I don't *think* it's an indicator, I think they're just doing 3d versions of all the troop sprite nationalities.

Will we see more detailed thermal modeling at some point? I.e. gun barrels, tries/tracks, and engines glowing base on use, not starting glowing? So that parked cars or unfired guns won't glow.

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As far as I know, Chinese soldiers have been in SB pro for some time ("CN" infantry nationality for troops).

I was about to make the same point.

Related question: There's a folder for Canadian troops' camo, yet CA is not an option in the mission editor. Odd, eh?

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Since that isn't "news", here's some: Of course the Autosave function that I described for the Map Editor will also be in the Mission Editor.

Ah, the world trembles...

Another one: Mouse wheels now work. You can zoom the map, pan the map (hold mousewheel button), operate the range input of the Leopards' ballistic computer control panel (hold Shift for bigger range changes).


Okay, how about this one: We changed the user interface in one point. Until now, you created a missile team in the editor and then changed the missile type through the ammunition selection dialog box. Now you first have to go to set an "Optional Weapon" before you can do so. It may appear a bit more clumsy this way, but it offers more flexibility in the long run as more and more missile based weapons are being added.

Case in point: We have now available the AT-3d, AT-4, TOW-2, TOW-2A, TOW-2B, Javelin, Milan, RBS56 BILL, and they can all be fired by the user directly from a first person view.

Arright, I admit: None of these items was worth to be "feature of the day" (although IMO the mouse wheel thing is a real boon). But three small news make a big one, I hope. These are just as important as the more prominent ones as nearly everybody can profit from them on a near daily basis.

More news tomorrow.

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