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The 2.620 COOP Campaign bulletin

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Note to Red: Kill Brun early.

(Nothing personal of course) ;)

This is the first time I have been in a t-72 and received retrun fire from the enemy. I took an at-4 and 3 or 4 t-62 shots with only loss of radio. I will enjoy this faulse feeling of security until I am destroyed.

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Ah so our arty got you?!

Yes, well the FO guys in the back who were enjoying the view a little too much.

BMP was fine, till a red trooper in the objective took exception to it squashing his mates, and totalled it with an RPG.

(Coax was flipping useless.)

I might put in for a Requisition for a BTR.

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Meh. Fair Point,

I shall lay a place for you in Valhalla.

(And add you to Odin's Guest List.) :biggrin:

Let me think:

Marching out every day to get hacked to pieces only to get resurected in the evening :-/

...hope the valkyries and the mead make up for it :-P

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