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Tutorials for UVG ?


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I believe there's a tutorial in the CV940 section. (version 2.328)

In version 2.328, the UGV needs to be added to the player when the mission was designed.

(you can do this in the mission editor).

Then, you need to be in control of the infantry squad to control the UGV.

If it's the beta you're having the problem in, you're SOL for now.

See here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=11239



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The "tutorial" was a video about the CV9040 where I explained all the key combinations. If your squad has one, hit Z while dismounted (of couse, the scenario must support this). Switch to F2 for "remote control view" that will follow your UGV, so your WASDX commands don't steer the squad but the UGV. F3 gives you the camera view of the UGV. Use Q and Z to elevate and retract the sensor mast. N and Shift+N will control the zoom. Num+ switches from day channel to thermal sight, and back.

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