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I would like to share something that my Girlfriend just told me. She works at a nearby city's police department and received a call from a lady wishing to help the less fortunate.

In her words.......

"a woman called me about 630 and said her daughter has a 15 pound turkey that she isn't going to cook, and if I knew anyone who might need it...so I called a couple of the chaplains that work with us, and struck gold on the second try...spoke to a chaplains wife and she said sure, she has a family in mind...so I called the lady back and told her to go ahead and bring it down...she showed up with bags of food...the whole fixings for Thanksgiving, stuffing, corn, mashed taters, yams, muffin mix, green beans, and a turkey. She and her daughter raided their cabinets and came up with all of that.

The chaplains wife showed up to pick it all up, and said that she knew a family that was homeless, had just raised enough money for a place, and couldn't afford Thanksgiving dinner too. She called her and asked her to come over, and surprised her with all of it.

The turkey donator called back with offers to donate kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc...so she and the chaplain are going to meet up tomorrow. :)

That's how I think Thanksgiving should be, not black Friday..."

...and I couldn't agree more!

I think that in someway, this story parallels when the Plymouth colonist had a hard time getting through a tough year and were helped by the Native Americans.

If you can...give more than just thanks.

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