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Battle for Hünfeld Scenario

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Would like to try this one when your done. I see a lot of people put some hard work into contributing scenarios skins etc. hopefully i can do the same sometime in the near future, im new here but really getting into sb pro pe now and enjoying every minute. Just jumping on the learning curve, so to speak, cheers.

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I can´t share this beautiful Map to scrip Tank Battles on it, it´s to beautiful !



So if you want the Map, the Skins and the Town Names

drop me a line and I load it it up as a Bundle.

Otherwise wait until End of September and you will get it all together with the Orders for LNoT in October.

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It´s still a lot of work to do, to get what I want to have.

The Map end at the German Border in the East. The Borderline is done already, but need some Details.

In the Moment I work through the small Villages North/Northeast of ARZELL.

Blackhill did some nice Photos of the Area, so you can compare Real to SB Map.




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I finally found this book "The Third World War" by General Sir John Hackett. I've been looking all over the place for it. Amazon wanted too much money for it and I got it for two dollars at the Ft Leavenworth Thrift Shop and its in very good condition. Starting to read it and get motivated, too get back to work and finish the scenario/campaign :)

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Not sure what all you have finished or started, I know you finished Hunfeld and southwest of the town and some of the towns and villages northwest. How much have you finished east? Would like to get an updated copy of the Hunfeld2012 map if possibly. The red box on the map is the area I would like to setup for the "Battle for Hunfeld" scenario/campaign.


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