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Whats left for 2.6


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Just for fun Guy,s

As hopefully the emanate release of 2.6 Draws nearer

Ssanke has already stated the may be one more video.

lets have a a bit of speculation as what surprises are left if any

I will start the ball rolling,i speculate we may be getting a puma IFV.

my reasons are as follows.Ssnake has already stated the military has funded the Fuchs and boxer.

so i am guessing they also funded the puma,and possible the PzH 2000. i may be well of the mark but its only a bit of fun.

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I will love any of those, specially the crewable M60.

Would be nice to get one of the tanks from the 1973 Yom Kippur war as a playable.

Centurian/M60/M48 etc.

We have or will have most of the tanks already.

Could be used in cold war scen as well.

Be nice to be able to use them other than external.

My choice would be Centurian, but any one would open up the Theater options more.

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...and yet we aren't completely done. :)

my best bet is ...

in fact I'm pretty sure ...

that finally we will get ...

the missing piece of equipment ...


-> in order to make the traintracks now useful

-> in order to bring more life in the deserted Sb landscapes

-> ...

just imagine you can see and hear in the far distance this:

-> a military transport of course, with in this order: 38+strykers,2cargo trucks towing arty,33 humvee(hv) most w/ trailers, ambulance, 29+ strykers,6 hv's,4cargo trucks, 81+hv's w/ 3+ armored, 1 cargo truck towing fuel , 2 more hv's.

Come on, eSim, bring it on ! :-)

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Hey, since there won't be tutorials for the chally 2 or the T-72, why doesn't someone make someone make a wiki? I mean, the images in the t-72 wiki are from the game, not from ssnake's vids, so obviously, someone with more info than I have made them. Just sayin', it would probably be a great time killer before release.

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