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Bn size battle, who is up for one?

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As 2.62x comes closer, how about dusting up an older sce with the new goodies and some changes to the AI(almost done now) and run a BIG battle?

It would be a deliberate defense against an enemy MechRgt(+).

Blue forces would be a (MN)TankBn(+). Mixed up from company size combat teams:

-US (M1A1(HA) + M2)

-DK (Leo2A5 + CV9035)

-SE (StrV 122 +CV9040)

-UK (CR2 + Pizzaro as Warrior placeholder)

-1 AT-platoon(tankhunters ;-) )

We would need quiete a number of players!

Runable it would be with 25-26...better would be 35 or more.

Now lets go looking for staff:

I'd like to have Kingtiger as S4(and S1 ;-) )

Also Hedgehog would be a great FSO. (and both will have their hand s full)

Who would be willing to run one of the Combat teams or the AT-platoon?

They would have to run "their battles"...and it would be great if they would also to some advertizing/rekruiting work for their "units"

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Also Hedgehog would be a great FSO. (and both will have their hand s full)

*Ears Perk up*

Did someone say Artillery?

With Actual Gun Models!

I'm there.

I have but 2 Demands.

1) Beer, or Fine Ale

2) Rock/Metal Music. (I'm partial to Evanesence, Deep Purple, etc)

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Interested in participating, but:

a. time/date dependent, as I have a major CAX here in late January/early February; and

b. already committed to the "T-72 Gang" mini-campaign to be run by Zipuli about a month or so after the new version becomes available. Gotta learn how to gun/fight the T-Rex!

I'll keep an eye on how the calendar develops and try to get stuck in if I can. :)

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Whoa, gonna need a lot of peeps for a reg vs. a btl, with both manned, I've got no date restrictions, I'm pretty sure, just make sure it is on a weekend, Sunday preferably. Since you people are seeming a bit anglophobic, I'll take a CR2 or CR2 platoon. (They come in three, right? )

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As far as my calendar says right now Saturday the 07jan12 might be the best guess.

Starting from next weekend, all my weekends are planned out with familiy stuff.

(well christmasdays a comming :-/ )

How does that sound?

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