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Great Joy Stick for Steel Beasts - Saitek X52

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The absolute best of the best:

Awesome!!! :)

Im also using the CH Fighterstick and the Pro Throttle, and allthough i can agree they are a bit pricy the stick is definately worth every penny, nothing comes even close, have been using saitek products for many years, started out with the X36 which i loved, bought the X45 which was very soon replaced with the X52 (thought there was too much tension in the X45) And allthough i liked the X52 very much the input issues of the X52 series were pissing me off, especially in SB where small and accurate adjustements are very important, the non linear curve of the X52 made it really hard to place accurate shots.

If you can afford it go for one of the CH sticks, theyre awesome. The only negative part about the CH i can find is the size, no problem if you have proper sized hands, but if your like me, stuck with "girly" hands the stick can take a coupple of days getting used to especially if you had one of the Saitek models before it.

But as I said i still find the CH to be the most awesome stick on the market.

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Good point. Let's see if we can make that permanent.

Sorry, but somehow it became premanent. Thanks anyway!

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