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2.640 released


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Hi, I am waiting for my codemeter in the post for version 2.552 and have downloaded version 2.640. Is there anyway I can access it now or do I have to wait for the post?

I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait for the CodeMeter stick to arrive (and then purchase a 2.6 license upgrade, and apply it to the stick).

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What? the RN 2.620? ;)

@esimgames thanks everyone for this update

First attempt at download failed with the files being to small, got an "unexpected end of file" when running the part 1, what are the file sizes just to check?

Ssnake, any chance of the MD5 hash keys so we can be sure we have downloaded the files without any corruption?

I use a download manager and they are known to sometimes cause problems, so it would be good to check each file.


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Been trying to download now for several times, but the files get cut off every time probably due to high server load.

I'll make some room for others, because I am going to bed. Hopefully it will have settled down tomorrow morning so I can download them properly.

Perhaps it is a good idea to setup a torrent mirror. In this case we can help eachother getting great download speeds while offloading the esim servers?

License has been updated, old SB version is removed, so I am ready to go! ;)

BTW For people having trouble loading the Codemeter license update webpage in Chrome; try IE or Firefox.

Chrome hung every time I tried, but IE completed the upgrade without any problem.

Goodnight and thanks ESim!

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So what does my missus do !!! starts putting together an online calendar so she can print it for Christmas. why now eh ? why now after waiting soooo long, why now with the mother in law here so every online inspection takes 5 times longer than any normal person would. WHY LORD ? WHY ME ? WHY NOW ! ahhhhhhhhh.....Ok Im good :)

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