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SB Pro PE Workstation


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On 7/9/2016 at 5:16 PM, gx007 said:



Still can't locate "show mouse vector." I'll keep looking.


The X55 is great. I had a X52 prior to this one. For flight sims I use CH fighter stick, pedals, MFD, TrackIR5, but use X55 throttle (more buttons and dual engine capability). Some of this will carry over into SB but trying to use X55 stick for SB.


What's your set up?


Similar to yours: X55 without throttle, i use left hand on keyboard, Track IR5, and VoiceAttack for voice commands to platoon and crew. I didnt fiddled with anything joystick related in options as far as i know short of reversing Y axis , I had to after so many years of flight sims my brain is reversed when it comes to Y axis :D. And it worked perfectly "out of the box".


That cursor you mention can be seen around if you click with muse on your view but as soon as i move head or joystick it disappears because game gives priority to X55  instead to mouse.

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  • 2 months later...

Although I'm quite OK with my current setup, I was pondering an idea of getting something like a replica of the real gunner's handle. The chances of getting an original unit are quite narrow (even though they are occasionally seen on eBay) and although AFVSIM is making perfect control devices, their prices are far beyond my reach. So I was pushing the quy who made a flightsim "monoblock" system (HOTAS + pedals) for me to make a replica of, say, Leo1/ 2 handle. It looks like he will finally agree but from the cost perspective it would help if the production is not limited to just one prototype. So the question is: are there any forum members who might be interested in getting a reasonably close replica of Leopard gunner's control handle? I expect the price level to be below 300 USD (most probably well below, but I haven't got a price estimation so far). You can also browse the guy's website to get the flavour of his design concept/ build quality (the link to Google-translated pages is in the second post of the forums.eagle.ru thread above). If you are interested, please PM me. 

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Thanks for a hint, Nils. I didn't think about CV90 as having different button/ switch functions on left and right handles which allows for much more flexibility. Technically it's not a problem, as the Arduino (actually, ProMicro) controller allows for configuring more than enough buttons and switches.


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On 6/18/2016 at 10:37 AM, SergeyPe said:

This is my rig.



All the commands are handled by an Enterpad- a 120-key programmable keypad from Cedeq. It's a membrane keyboard with a clear plastic overlay cover which lets you print out your own configuration overlay sheet with labels matching the key layout. The device can store two different sets of key layouts so you can quickly change the layout sheets and have two different configurations switched "on the fly". Another great thing is that it's recognized by Windows as a standard keyboard so you can use it together with a joystick (SB is recognizing only one game device).

I have to admit that at 300 USD it's not the cheapest solution, but AFAIK the only one which lets you change both the configuration and button labeling without any hassle. I'm using it also for MS Flight Simulator which makes this feature even more valuable.




I just bought it on ebay for $35. used.  best idea so far. 

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4 hours ago, dpabrams said:

I just found one also on ebay for 35.00 shipped. Where do you get the key templates?

On 23.09.2016 at 11:13 PM, ashdivay said:

I just bought it on ebay for $35. used.  best idea so far. 

Here is the overlay that I'm using. You'll also need a configuration file to match it; I'll submit it later today.

SBPro Label_1.xls

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57 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:


I suspect not as you'd still need your keyboard for text in TS or the in game chat, etc.



I checked the website and you are indeed correct. I'm normally a mouse and keyboard man, so it will be interesting to see how this peripheral works.

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  • 2 years later...

I had been dreaming of getting a control handle for many many years. And it happened to be that when I finally had courage to email to  AFV-sim of my intention, of that I was set to and to find out if my current savings for this purpose would be enough for any of their products. Sadly my savings were barely at the starting prices of their product range. However there happened to be such a coincidental extreme luck that on a next day they received one that had been used for demonstrations in Europe by one of AFVsim representatives for update - (manufactured in 2006.) And decided to instead replace it and to offer old one for me in significant discount while donating 100% of this money to Help the Heroes charity. https://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/



So... two weeks later here we are.   :D 




Its a 13 year old, rugged piece with partially worn painting and yet it works perfectly!



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6 hours ago, Grenny said:

13 years old???

Yes this was made in 2006


The most worn part of this seems to be thick USB cable.  And this cable too is heavy duty, with quite thick cover around what ever is inside.   

On paint there are few tiny scratches...  beside these, there is nothing visible or that i would have noticed when using this.  

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My simpit




Controlls The platforms are adjustable side to side and forward and back.




Racing mode




Flying mode




De ajustabler kaybard





Happy Simming



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It's been a little while in coming but here's in my Tank simpit work in progress.

It consists of

AFVsim CR2 gunners control handle

CH Combat stick

BBJ button box

 A PC past it's prime.


I still need to map some of the controls and sort out attaching the button box to the desk or PC but I'm happy with it so far.





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