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What To Do If You Think You've Found A Bug


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So, you've just installed the latest version of SB, and you think you've come across a bug. Great, now what do you do? By following the steps below, you can save the staff and bug hunters both some time and frustration. Observations on possible problems are welcome, as long as you put a bit of effort into investigating, and reporting the problem accurately.

1. First off, it must be something about the content of the current version. So wish list items, etc are not bugs, so don't report them as such. If a capability doesn't exist in SB, post about it in another forum. For example, "If you tweak the fire control system like this, then you could get version X of this vehicle", is not a bug.

2. Be sure to read the manual, the wiki, and do a search on the forum to confirm that the behavior you are seeing isn't a feature (i.e., it's supposed to be like that) and to confirm that it hasn't been reported previously.

3. If it's a graphical problem, then take a screenshot of the problem and include it in the post. Be sure to be specific about the problem, and even circle the problem area if it's difficult to see. Provide other details as necessary such as the theme being used, time of day, TIS or NVG view, vehicle interior, operating system, graphics card, etc, if it's not self evident.

4. If it's a action/behavior type problem that you observe in a mission, then try to recreate that specific problem in a stand alone mission. If you only see something once, it's not a bug, it's a one time glitch. You need to recreate the problem so that others can see it, diagnose it, and eventually fix it. So, open up the mission editor, place only what you need to use to recreate the problem, save it and attach it to your post. Also include what steps need to be taken in order to see the bug.

By following these guidelines, possible bugs can be reported quickly and accurately. The Dev team may even thank you indirectly by fixing your reported bug in a future update!

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If the bug involves SB Pro PE crashing...:

Steel Beasts 3.0 (and later) has a logging system that can be configured via command line. On your desktop, create an additional shortcut to the SB Pro PE executable, then edit the properties of the shortcut. In the "target" line AFTER the quotation marks of the executable's file path add (with a leading blank/space) --loglevel [variable] where [variable] needs to be one of the following (in descending order of verbosity):

  • trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warn (=default, if no argument is placed when starting SB Pro PE)
  • error

See page 49 of the Release Notes for further details and additional options.

Whenever SB Pro PE is started, it'll write the stuff into the file ..\logs\debugLog.txt and will rename existing files by increasing a sequential number (so you can review your last ten sessions or so). Trace and Debug write quite a bit into the file which may, depending on your harddisk performance, result in a reduced frame rate or stuttering when playing, so I don't recommend activating it by default.

You may also want to give the shortcut a different symbol on your desktop so you know which one is which.

If you can create a scenario with a bug that always occurs you can help us most by collecting a package of the scenario file and the debug log file with "debug" option. We might ask you to do another run with "trace", but usually that won't be necessary.

Since I apparently cannot upload the same illustrating images if they are already posted in another thread, here's the link.

These log files can be very helpful for our programmers to figure out what was going on at the time. Also, please support the Windows Error Reporting. Windows may prompt you to submit an error report after a crash. These reports will eventually trickle down to us and also help us to figure out what may have caused it - so, by not stopping Windows from sending a report to Redmont you also help us. :)

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The 4.0 upgrade is really well done...The cluster munitions show what has to be shrap metal flying off and the H.E.artilleery impacts show chunks of dirt flying around...But the coax tracers are a complete flop even in thermal view...I am a tracer freak please correct this and imho you have a class 1 product...

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At least incoming tracer has been reported to be nearly invisible in thermals (by Ed Macy in "Hellfire", his account as an Apache pilot in Afghanistan). The underlying problem is of course that we now have tracers that are the size of the bullet, and small bullets make for small tracers, which doesn't render so well on a computer screen with finite resolution. In real life they are more visible because real life has a dynamic range of brightness that is several orders of magnitude larger than what computer screens can produce. We only have RGB 255,255,255 as the brightest color (pure white) that we can generate, and each monitor pixel has an upper limit to the luminous flux that it can emit. Our simulated tracers, like stars in the night sky, simply cannot be as bright as the real ones.


Of course we could switch back to the old system. What I don't know is if there's much that we can do to make them stand out better from the shooter's perspective while they appear the way they are to an external observer.

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