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Graphic freezes

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Hi all!

I have severe problems with graphics freezing in.


- Tank range works

- starting a mission from editor (to play around with the new stuff) causes freezes of the graphics after a split second, sometimes after a few seconds of looking around. Only mouse arrow still moving, sound playing, vehicle seems to react to orders. Sim still alive in the background?

- seems not to affect all maps: flat and empty works, e.g. new Wolfsburg and old Beedenbostel donĀ“t

- alt-tabbing allows changing to map view and back to 3D view, then freezing again

- quitting the mission requires alt-tabbing to get hold of the EXIT button

I did/tried:

- uninstall old version

- renaming the old mod folder

- re-install of new version

- downloaded DX9.0c and installed it

System had run well with SB before for years. Windows 7.

Any ideas?



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