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T-72 Tutorials


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I might have missed this, but...

I've just downloaded and installed 2.460. Starting it up, I went to the tutorials to take a look at the T-72M1. Although a subsequent check of the other vehicles showed complete sets of tutorials for them, the only one in my T-72 is the "Introduction Scenario:" nothing else on the page. I see several threads on this page talking about a number of issues relating to the T-72, so I'd like to know if I've got to reinstall 2.460 or what in order to get a full set of the training scenarios. Any guidance gratefully received.

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Well the Release Notes do say that the Tutorial on T-72, CR2 and some others are TBI (to be issued) and that the WiKi is the current interim reference. :)

OK, That'll work for the time being. I was wondering why there are so many queries about the T-72 without having the tutorials to identify the problems. Probably it's me, having just downloaded the new version and expecting too much too soon. But I did get to play the T-72 in the "Instant Action" page, and I was able to get a hit on a moving tank at about 1100 meters: apparently, the system works!

I'll let it play out for a while and see what happens.

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