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CTDs in Pro PE Beta


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As far as I know, theres not a CTD problem. If your having problems, it would be good to have some details about it so it could get fixed. If it is just you, maybe its a driver problem or something that others might have some suggestions on.

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The two more memorable times was a single player scenario and a multiplayer scenario.

In the single player scenario there was around 6-7 plts of trucks, one plt of T-72s and 3 or so plts of BMPs. All of these units were moving along a semi urbanized swath via a main road. Along the road was a large formation of inf in ambush (it was something like a 6K kill zone). There may have been upwards to 100-150 individual inf in the scenario.

The scenario crashed when an infantryman who had exited a building was firing an RPG at a T-72. This was a few minutes after the main action started (it generally ends for the most part after 1-1.5 min). The T72 was damaged I think and was one of the few surviving enemy units. I played the sce from redfor and via the mission editor.

The sce lasted for 30min or less.

The second scenario was a H2H scenario which was being played by 8 players. The scenario lasted for something on the order of 90 min. This was the scenario that I gave you for TGIF some 9 months ago (it should be called something akin to TGIF TH1 sce V8 map V3) and was played sometime last summer. The enemy entered and occupied the western edge of the town which straddles the main river. As a result I ordered copious amounts of arty on the area and after the start of the first few splashes, the program crashed. The calls were numerous and had 6 tubes each.

The only commonality between the two events was that both scenarios were based in a desert environment and that there was smoke that was prevalent. The computers used were different, and as a result it can be assumed the drivers are also different.

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I'm sorry, but this sounds so vague that I can't even develop an educated guess about where to start to look. I would need more observations to see if there is some recognizable pattern in this. Right now it could be anything, and since there are no other reports I tend to look for trouble with these specific computers rather than SB.

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The only reason for me to think that it is the beta itself is for I have experienced maybe one CTD in the standard version per year of use. However with the beta, I have experienced the event much more frequently.

The system that I am using now has

AMD Athlon 64 2X Dual Core 6000+ 3.01 GHz CPU

2GB Ram

GT 8800 graphics card

The older system used IIRC

Pentium 4 CPU 1.80 GHz

1GB Ram

G-Force FX 5500

As regards the older system, it was also using AVG and it failed to find any viruses. So I doubt a virus may have caused the problems. Also the OS itself was somewhere around 3 years old.

The newer system also uses AVG and both use Windows XP Home Edition.

I dont know if this info would be of any use though.

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Well, the other big change seems to be that you're now using a new computer. I presume that you played 2.328 primarily with the old one, and now that the beta is out you're playing mostly this one (if not exclusively), and of course you're using the new computer, right?

In this case the use of the beta version and CTDs coincide with a change of the computer, so it could just as well be how your new computer is set up.

I'm not saying that 2.370 is flawless, but either my memory is bad or nobody else has reported that it tends to crash more often. Which makes it more likely that the fault is to find where the biggest difference is - the new machine. I don't want to send you on a witch hunt to disasseble your new machine and check the myriad of settings. It's all a gut feeling for me so far.

The more observations you can make, the better will the situational picture be. Hopefully we can find some pattern in this.

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I was using the beta exclusively on the old computer too around a week after the beta came out (it became the standard for H2H play). I recall 1-2 CTDs with that while using the beta.

Also there seems to be some credence to the belief that the beta may have a problem


I'll update my graphics drivers tonight. Maybe that will neutralize the problem for me.

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I have encountered the same problem since installing SB pro on my new system on sunday. Never had CTDs on my old system with the beta, but already had two CTDs when playing the "Flank Attack" scenario that comes with the game, out of three tries... First CTD came after 5 minutes, the second one (a day later) after about 40 minutes. In both cases I was just following a vehicle in F8 view.

System is a Core2Duo E6750, 2 Gigs RAM, ATI 3870, WinXP SP2, RealTek onboard sound, all the latest drivers installed, system runs all other applications/games without problems.


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