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Terrain Themes need critical review


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Yeah. Al suggested that method as well, but we decided that it was a method beyond contempt. It looks like it's not quite as easy as we initially thought, though. Extracting the map (or displaying the map's theme file name) is easy enough, yet it only shows the terrain theme with which the terrain map was saved last before it was chosen for the scenario. If the scenario designer then picked a different theme, you don't find out with this method. Therefore there will be a button to extract the theme file directly from the scenario which you can then modify to your liking.

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Ssnake, I might be thickheaded here but I cant see what you are so upset about?

In the download section there is around 200 scenarios, I just browsed thrue them to find mine scenarios to fix during the weekend and I noticed I havent played more then maybe 5% of those scenarios.

At the same time there is a few Multiplayer scenarios floating around in the active MP crowd wich isnt ewen uploaded on SB.com.

Now lets say summer release comes, some scenarios becomes unplayable because of the terrainfile, how hard is it for the "host" (when it comes to MP) to just open the scenario, replace the theme file with a "correct" theme file and then the others MP.ers just DL from him (this happens often when just switching ammo on tanks or fixing an irritating scenario bug) and then 8 or so more ppl have correct theme on just that scenario (ofcourse the scenario gets a new name as "buschwhack 1.2newtheme" to differ the scenarios) after just a few games all MP scenarios floating around have right version with right theme.

and about the singelplayer scenarios that actually are played out of those 200 that exist in the DL area thats pretty much the same thing. IF any of the scenarios are played and the player find the bumpiness crazy he can either do 2 things:

1. open the scenario himself and add a default theme file that should exist here on sb.com, if the scenarios locked with password he do:

2. posts in scenario forum that "this" scenario is screwed and the author would have to go in and modify it and upload a correct one.

and its not like there will be 300 posts with "this and that" scenario is screwed IMO, a few in the begining and then one once in a while.

Most scenarios is a "fresh" thing, in other words after a few missions they are old and left behind. if any of those surface again its a quick fix as described above.

As I sayed I will fix my scenarios and those related to ARRC this or next weekend but I still dont understand why.


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Found a "gotcha" that I'd like to point out for those of us who are updating their themes to the new bumpiness values.

The themes are not universally applciable to all of the maps. Different maps may have different terrain types. In this example, one map had "Marsh" in it. The new theme didn't. So, just be careful that the terrain types are the same before you update the theme with a saved one.

FYI, Volcano posted new theme files in the downlaod area:http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/304/p13_fileid/1562



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