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How to upgrade to 2.640 from 2.546


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I have v2.546 (dvd+usb-stick).

Please, explain me what should I do to upgrade to 2.640.

As I have read here http://www.esimgames.com/licenseInfo.htm, I should

1) Place order

2) Receive 2 e-mails

3) Download content through the link in the email

4) Delete previous version of the game

5) Install new one

And all this I have to do with the usb-stick connected to the PC.

Am I right?

Can You give discription of the upgrading procedure step by step?

Moreover, my internet connection is unstable, for how long the download link would be active?

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The sequence is reasonably accurate, however you can download the files at anytime (you don't have to wait for an email).

The link is on the "home" page here (beneath the videos).

But yes basically.

1. Download.

2. Pay for upgrade.

3. Use the link in resulting email to upgrade the license (this part you do need to do before 2.460 works).

4. Uninstall earlier version.

5. Install new version.

1. can happen independent of 2 - 4.

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