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TNO test of the 35mm round of the CV90

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Strange results related to 30 mm APFSDS rounds effectivenesses against "uparmored" BMP-3. This IFV is better armored than its predecessors but understand Soviet IFVs have very weak armor due to some doctrinal consideration, now effectively dead by the way.

So BMP-3 weighting 18,7 metric tons, and even up-armored, cannot withstand hits by current 30 mm APFSDS rounds. Such capabilities only have much heavier Western IFVs weighting 30-35 metric tons. US Army still relies on 25 mm Bushmaster I autocannon despite many modernization plans and not without reason. They know very well M919 APFSDS round is enough for foreseeable future against Eastern-style threats. Also Germans do not see reason to use extra-large guns and their super-heavy Puma IFV will get 30 mm autocannon instead. Besides the West developed many higher caliber autocannons in the past 20 years but not many of them actually materialized (Super-40, CTAS, Supershot-50, Rh-503 etc.). So capabilities exist but as for now they are not needed...

PS. BMP-3 is now rather sentenced to death because even Russians claimed it is outdated concept. That is also why Greece did not buy BMP-3.

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