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Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

Azure Lion

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  • 2 weeks later...

I proposed this 3 years ago for this purpose!

add a selection for size (unit report (0) or planning graphic (1,2,3))

a spotting time has to be added to it.

You can add line additional text.

In the french BMS, there is 4 text places (unit name, unit type, time, free text)

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1. To be able to Copy + paste buildings, object in the map editor.

2. To be able to select and rotate multiple objects (instead of just rotating all similar objects on the map)

This would make creating cities rather easy compared to the current nightmare process.

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Id like to see an OPFOR Pack.more playable OPFOR units.

fix the VEC and all other SBPPE units that look like hold overs from SB1.

A playable SEP given the same care and attention as the Leo A1 DK.

CONTINUE to improve Infantry.

Stop introducing Vehicles that r stand alone,ala the CR2.(its cool tho)

improve the arty,and expand munitions selection.

expand weather condtions,rain,snow ect.

expand small,med and hvy arms to more of a selection.id like to see 203s,g bombs(hand grenades) being lobbed ect.

dogs....dogs would be awesome!MWD,Military Working Dogs.


Netural forces and the ability to hv a sd wear different uniforms.

these seem pretty simple to do.........

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one has a cast turret and the other a welded?

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Eisen has mentioned his tank geek lust for the cast turret version many times!

Was there an advantage to the cast turret?

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